Nowadays it is a popular strategic decision of companies to outsource their so called non-core activities. The popularity of outsourcing is constantly growing since shareholders need to concentrate on the development of the strengths / key competences of their enterprise and during this struggle it is more efficient to delegate the back office tasks to external professionals.

A large number of companies still prefer the in-house management of accounting and payroll tasks since they find the internal solution more cost efficient than outsourcing, they put a strong emphasis on the confidentiality of information or they just need their data to be held in hand in order to handle any last minute change. In case of a certain company size (and in case of the availability of the appropriate professionals) it is sure enough that the in-house administration may be more efficient but the outsourcing still ensures several considerable benefits.

Our company is at the Clients? service with an efficient outsourcing of accounting and payroll administration, providing the following benefits.

Cost Saving

Considering the software license / update fees, the costs of professional trainings and the time spent with the process-management, outsourcing may ensure a cost saving of 30 ? 60%.

Professional Quality

The up-to-date knowledge of the accounting, tax and labor law is a must in business life. Our company puts a strong emphasis on the continuous development of its co-workers. Beyond the support of our accounting and payroll professionals, our Clients can rely on the expertise of our tax and transfer pricing departments as well.

More Internal Flexibility

As a result of the outsourcing, our Client will be able to focus on those strategic areas which are the most important from business point of view and the company?s human and other resources can be allocated to the core activities in a more flexible way.

Business Continuity

The business continuity risks could also be mitigated by the outsourcing. There will arise no more risk of the unexpected fall-out of the employee responsible for accounting / payroll. An outsourcing service provider is not just ensuring professional support but the ongoing availability is also a part of its engagement.

Business-oriented approach

Further Niveus Benefits

We are not just performing the accounting and payroll administration in a professional manner but we also strongly focus on the business information retrievable from the books. We regularly prepare tailor-made report(s) for the management about the performance of the company.

Favorable fees

The replacement of an existing service provider may cause several difficulties. Our professionals do their best to manage the replacement in way which generates the least of all possible burdens to our Client and in addition, we always provide this service free of charge. Furthermore, our fee structure is transparent and stable, there are no hidden costs or unexpected raising of the applied fees.

Professional liability

A further serious advantage of outsourcing is that the liability will also be outsourced. Our company holds a large-sum liability insurance and we always take the responsibility for the quality of our performance.

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Should you have any question regarding our Outsourcing Services, please do not hesitate to contact our key professional who will be at your service with pleasure.

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