Business consulting

Our company has broad experience and serious competence in the fields of data mining, organization development and process optimization. During our engagements we focus on the proper understanding of the business requirements, the detailed assessment of the problems and the identification of the most efficient solution, by using the below presented tools in each field.

Organization Development

Organization development is an ongoing challenge for enterprises since both the environment and the competitors are changing continuously. As a consequence, organization development requires a complex handling of the given company?s business processes, technologies, human resources and competitiveness. In our approach, organization development tasks are including not just the ?classic? HR-developments but the review of business operations, the targeted process improvement, the development of business concepts, the preparation of feasibility studies, market and SWOT analyses as well.

Statistical Modelling, Data Mining

Basically this service includes the processing of large databases by the application of artificial intelligence algorithms and the identification of regularities and correlations with an economically useful meaning. A significant volume of data about clients, products or processes is accessible in numerous industries. During the economic-statistical analysis of these data such information might be obtained which may support the improvement of the given field of operation in an efficient way. Solutions included: Client-segmentation Models, Client-potential Models, Fraud Models, Credit Scoring / Credit Rating, Churn Models, Best Choice Models, Probability of Default Models, Web-log Mining, Production Cost Models, Marketing and Sales Models, Stress-tests, Behavior Analysis, Early Warning, Limit Systems, Campaign Efficiency Measurement.

Process Optimization, BPR

Success requires an efficient operation from any enterprise. To meet this requirement, the well-designed, controlled and optimized business processes are essential. Our company has significant experience in the fields of business process reengineering (BPR) and process controlling, both on the levels of SMEs and large multinationals. ?Tangible? results of the BPR might be the reduction of costs, the increase of sales, the better optimized utilization of capacities, the more intense intrinsic motivation and the improvement of customer satisfaction as well.

Internal Audit

Companies who have set the conscious and sustainable growth as their main objective, recognized how important is the regular review and assessment of those internal controls which determine their business processes. An independent external professional may provide reliable information on the actual business operation and also may help to identify the occurring risks of operation and management. In case of such request our professionals are pleased to assist with the review of business processes, the assessment of the daily operation?s compliance with the internal controls, the reveal of process controlling weaknesses and the mitigation of related risks.

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Should you have any question regarding our Business Consulting Services, please do not hesitate to contact our key professional who will be at your service with pleasure.

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